Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dead Cows, Pokémon, and Graveyards. Pikachu Defense?

One of my co-workers here at the office is a very dedicated walker.  Her favorite place to walk is a cemetery near her home.  She likes walking there, well because there is no traffic and excuse the pun, quiet as a graveyard.  A few days ago she came to work concerned that her favorite walking spot was becoming a hot bed for criminal activity.  She described an unusual amount of car and foot traffic. Did a dealer just move into the neighborhood?  A neighbor decided with all the new night time activity he was going to report it to the local authorities.

Come to find out a couple of days later, they did find out what all the new traffic was about, a new dealer of sorts did move into the cemetery…of the Pikachu kind, that is. 
The game is taking its players to new locations, and let’s face it if you're running around at night in a cemetery trying to catch your Pumpkaboo or Haunter “ghost Pokémon” (I hear ghosts are the rarer of Pokémon) there are a lot of low-lying obstacles to get hurt on. Or even worse yet, heavens forbid, you end up an occupant of a cemetery, like the teenager who was shot while playing his Pokémon Go.

Also, now that the game has been around for a couple more weeks, report after report of cars running off the road and/or hitting other vehicles. (Don't forget your designated driver)

I wonder if anyone has made the defense blaming Pikachu yet? Pokémon made me do it... (break into your house, hit your car, etc.)  Would something like that stand in court? I’m sure there will be those who try….

Now for Dead Cow News… more news at a later date...

(Squirtle made me forget it.)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Pokemon and Cows. Things I Never Thought Of to Cause Injuries. (Well, maybe Cows)

We’ve focused a bit on distracted driving, only to find out another distraction…. distraction in driving, and in walking that is causing injuries.  The latest, newest, rage called Pokémon Go.  A new app released  by Apple on July 6th, called Pokémon Go has the young and not so old, in real world, going from location to location to develop the characters. I can see the “cool” factor and the fact it took gaming from the couch to being mobile.  Exercise while gaming and social interaction with others in real life a plus.  So, not being stuck at home with your nose in the phone, I get that.

I remember getting the cards for my kids when they were younger, I now have to warn them, don’t drive while chasing Pokeballs, and watch where you are walking.  I thought and still think texting while driving is bad, but I see this as being much worse. (Bring a designated driver? Or passenger?)
For this app, you have to be moving somehow and someway.  To be all involved in getting the next step done one forgets to pay attention to the surrounding area. Already I've been reading in the news some of the hazards that have befallen gamers, I’ve attached a few of the articles concerning injuries.

Never thought I would ever say this, but don’t Pokémon and drive.  Be safe out there since you “gotta catch’ em all”.

Not to leave out our cows.

Oh, and on a quick note, across the street from our office is a Pokestop if you are playing and interested.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

For The Distracted Driver....and Cows

Most every day, we get in our cars, get on the roads, and not think another thing about it.  Have you ever stopped at a stop light and observe other cars around you?  Maybe you’re doing some of the same things.  Distracted Driving even has its own campaign.

Distracted Driving can be a mother trying to quiet her kids in the back seat or the teenage girl putting her makeup on in the rearview mirror. How about the one with one hand has a drink and the other has the cell phone, so…where does that leave the steering wheel? (How many of you have driven with knees only?) And we cannot leave out the biggest, most talked about distraction, cell phones.
In 2006 the NHTSA reports that auto accidents were responsible for nearly 2.6 million injuries. 

And....we can’t forget about the cows. 

A little more “cow” news…Distracted Drive Kills Cow and Distracted Driver Hits Cow

Friday, May 20, 2016

Cow vs.Shark....Who Wins?

Most of us remember the movie Jaws.  For months, it was reported that people would not get into the ocean in fear of a shark attack. I will whole- heartedly admit that I was one of them.

I found an interesting little tidbit in a study put out by Ichthyology Department at the Florida Museum of Natural History that estimates the annual death toll by shark at one per year.  Cows, on the other hand, an average of 22 people per year.

Just open up your browser, type in cow vs. motorcycle accident, up pops article after article of fatal accidents involving our bovine friends.  Looks like if it's cow vs. motorcycle, cow wins.

This article is intended to provide general information only, and is not legal advice or a legal opinion on any certain facts or circumstances.  Readers are encouraged to consult with an attorney on any specific legal questions or matters.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Until the Cows Come Home..

     You’ve lost wages but your landlord or mortgage lender are interested in being paid.  How is the ambulance bill getting paid? The hospital bill? Where is the money going to come from? Who is at fault? The questions keep coming and you don’t know where to turn.

    What is your wandering cow?  For some, it may be a wet aisle. For others, it may be a hospital bed.  It could be your cell phone....

So, until the cows have come home, watch for your wandering cow, whatever that might be, and remember that Merritt Law Office is here to help you. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

What's Your Wandering Cow?

Accidents happen. No one gets up, grabbing that first coffee, saying, “I’m going to hit a cow today.” Yours may be a car crash in wet weather, a slip-and-fall as you leave the dentist’s office. When your wandering cow leaves you with these questions you need to act quickly.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

And It Continues...

Was he hurt more than he knew? Was he going to miss work? How quickly did he need to act?  Whose fault was it?  Who would have to pay? Would insurance be enough? Whose insurance?